locked Re: jtalert stopped talking to wsjt-x

Tom Melvin

The IP address is set in WSJTX - Settings - Reporting Tab.

JTAlert gets the details from wsjtx


On 23 Jun 2021, at 16:25, Anthony W. DePrato <wa4jqs@...> wrote:

I am sure this has been gone over many times but i could use some help please

I DL the newest version of WSJT-X

I DL and installed the needed .NET

I DL and installed the newest version of jtalert

Now i am getting the following message that jtalert can not talk to wsjt-x i looked in the settings and and checked the UDP on Muiltcast and restarted everything still nothing
I am running wins 7 pro with 8 gig of ram. i looked in the help file and found the following


UDP Server must be a valid multicast IP address. is recommended. Addresses in the to range or to range are supported.


Accept UDP requests must be enabled.


A loopback interface needs to be selected in the "Outgoing interfaces" selector.


JTAlert needs the "Settings -> WSJT-X UDP Multicast on Loopback" menu ticked. This is checked but can not find the box to set up the ip address ect.
thanks for any help
73 Tony WA4JQS ..






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