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On 21/06/2021 3:53 pm, Mike Cooper wrote:
I made that fix a few days ago. After checking I see Runtime 5.0.7 is back and 5.0.6 is gone. The must have been another update?????

NET 5.0.7 is classified a security update, so Microsoft is forcing its installation.

The next JTAlert 2.50.2 works with NET 5.0.7. It was supposed to be released today, but I had to push that out by a couple of days, as some non-ham activity has had to take precedence. JTAlert 2.50.2 is in the hands of the Test team, there have been no reports of Sound issues or the Callsigns window closing, both are directly caused by an incompatibility with NET 5.0.7 and the audio library used by JTAlert. That audio library has been patched to workaround the NET 5.0.7 defect.

The information I have seen indicates the security patch of NET 5.0.7 relates to a security vulnerability with ASP NET which unless your running an ASP server on your PC its not applicable, so reverting to NET 5.0.6 should not be putting your PC at risk.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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