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On 19/06/2021 8:42 am, Rory Davis, N7CR wrote:

Has anyone had luck with setting up a separate Windows user account for a 2nd operator? The XYL really wants to get active on FT8 but I'm having trouble making it all work together.

Using Win4YaesuSuite, Log4OM2 with Omni-Rig, W WSJT-X and JTAlert.   

The setup still works with my Windows user account. 
In the second account, the sound devices do not appear in the Sound ON |  Sound Output Device > dropdown list. Nor does JTAlert appear in the Windows Volume Mixer.  Under the Manage Settings window, both the rig sound device and the speakers are available as options, so the Speakers selection is set in the Settings window. 

It appears that JTAlert is not communicating with WSJT-X either, though the settings are the same for both user accounts.

Also JTAlert and WSJT-X are not communicating with Log4OM2 but omni-rig is working OK. 

Is there another/better way to add a second operator with the above combination of software?

FYI, There is a newly discovered design flaw in JTAlert 2.50.x that prevents correct operation from an alternate WIndows user account. This has bee corrected for the next release.

Its a design flaw in the unique (single) instance detection for the Manager process.

Until the release, the only option is to run JTAlert from the same Windows user account (the working account) and set the "/callsign=XYL" command line parameter for a JTAlert shortcut.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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