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Wes Atchison



That was the problem JTA, N1MM and WSJT-X seem to be playing well together.


THANK YOU for your assistance.







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On 18/06/2021 10:33 am, Wes Atchison via groups.io wrote:

N1MM logger was the only other program I started

That will most likely be the problem. Do you have N1MM set to listen to WSJT-X? If so it would be blocking JTAlert by taking exclusive ownership of the UDP port.

N1MM does not support multicast UDP, only unicast, so it cannot operate concurrently with other apps like JTAlert that are trying to communicate with WSJT-X.

If you want both JTAlert and N1MM running concurrently, you need to enable the "Resend WSJT-X UDP packets..." setting in JTAlert, under the "Applications -> WSJT-X/JTDX" section of the Settings window and then set N1MM to listen to that port. DO NOT set that port to match WSJT-X it needs to be different.


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