locked Re: Possible work-around for NAudio's lack of .Net 5 audio port selection

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On 18/06/2021 6:29 pm, TomK wrote:

As always, thanks for your time, Laurie. 

Even so, the Windows Advanced Audio Remapping remains a key player in my Digital Zen workflow.

It should work with any paths that go to Windows default - be they  NAudio, LaurieMagic, or lesser players 😊

I use it now to redirect most of my Digital Zen audio paths – WSJT, Motu-Mics, general web audio, etc.

I’ll happily await your next magical iteration.

TomK 73    

While Windows may offer a solution via Advanced Audio Remapping, which I have failed to find any mention of in my searches, if it requires an end user to make configuration changes to their system, that alone is enough to make it a non-starter IMO. If I can't get users to read simple release notes, getting them to make complicated (I am guessing here) configuration changes to their system would be a support nightmare.

All is not lost, earlier today a updated version of NAudio was released. That version doesn't suffer from the NET 5.0.7 induced sound playback failures. I reversed all the sound playback changes in the soon to be released JTAlert 2.50.2, bringing NAudio back into the code. A new build has been sent to the Test team. My own tests and the initial reports from the Test team all confirm that audio playback is now working correctly on systems running the latest NET 5.0.7 Desktop Runtime.

I had planned to ship JTAlert 2.50.2 on 21-June, but due to todays recoding/testing activity, I have pushed that out an extra day to 22-June.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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