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As always, thanks for your time, Laurie. 

Even so, the Windows Advanced Audio Remapping remains a key player in my Digital Zen workflow.

It should work with any paths that go to Windows default - be they  NAudio, LaurieMagic, or lesser players 😊

I use it now to redirect most of my Digital Zen audio paths – WSJT, Motu-Mics, general web audio, etc.

I’ll happily await your next magical iteration.

TomK 73                



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On 17/06/2021 3:33 pm, TomK wrote:

Thanks for the fast work, Laurie, with the audio workaround - not to mention all else you do!
Too bad NAudio doesn’t support specific device selection. Especially with multiple apps fighting over device ports.
Using only “default audio port” can be confusing as to which apps are using a specific output audio port.
However, it may be possible to use Windows Advanced Audio settings panel to remap to a specific port - unbeknownst to the app's own port request. 
To wit: Even if NAudio limits audio port to "Default", the Windows Advanced Audio panel can possibly remap to a specific port with its remapping feature.
I’d be happy to test the Beta in that scenario. 😊
Just another thought!
TomK / KT1TK / 73


Sorry you have it wrong. NAudio does allow for playback device selection, that is one of the reasons I was using it. But it is broken with NET 5.0.7. The code introduced in 5.0.7 that triggers the NAudio issues has been reversed by the .NET devs, but it may be months before it makes it into a new NET release. As a result I have had to temporarily abandon using NAudio and rely instead on the inbuilt sound functions of WPF, which is the new code used to create JTAlert 2.50.x. It is those inbuilt sound routines that lack any ability to select an output device, all playback goes to the Windows default device.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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