locked Re: How to Silence Audible voiced Alert of the Called Station?

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On 18/06/2021 10:12 am, Glen Jenkins WB4KTF wrote:
How do I silence the Audible ALERT of the Station that Someone is Calling or Communicating with?
Example, in this " RA2WW WB4XXX EM10".  Say I cannot hear/or work the RA2WW station, JTAlert will Announce "DX" even though I cannot see or hear that station, so I get flooded with Audible Alerts of 'DX', 'New Continent', 'New State', etc.  I do want to get an audible alert of the calling station if it were as"  "WB4XXX RA2WW  -15" as I could possibly work the RA2WW in this instance.
Glen, WB4KTF, Austin, TX

JTAlert will only ever play audio alerts for stations that are decoded, NOT of stations being called. Only heard stations are alerted. In your example, JTAlert would never alert on RA2WW.
This is how JTAlert has always behaved.

If your getting a DX alert on a "RA2WW WB4XXX EM10" decode, it will be due to WB4XXX triggering the alert, NEVER on

Putting it another way, JTAlert never Alerts on called stations only on calling stations that have been decoded.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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