locked How to Silence Audible voiced Alert of the Called Station?

Glen Jenkins WB4KTF

How do I silence the Audible ALERT of the Station that Someone is Calling or Communicating with?
Example, in this " RA2WW WB4XXX EM10".  Say I cannot hear/or work the RA2WW station, JTAlert will Announce "DX" even though I cannot see or hear that station, so I get flooded with Audible Alerts of 'DX', 'New Continent', 'New State', etc.  I do want to get an audible alert of the calling station if it were as"  "WB4XXX RA2WW  -15" as I could possibly work the RA2WW in this instance.
Glen, WB4KTF, Austin, TX

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