locked Re: Logging with HRD Log V6 (Submode) #HRD

Morris WA4MIT

Hi Laurie as always thanks for your tireless work and a great program I use daily. I am using JTDX with Alert 2.50.1and log with HRD I believe 2.50.1 was suppose to remedy this but the problem is still happening. Attached are excerpts from my HRD log and from JTDX to show that JTAlert is still inserting FT8 with submode FT4 into HRD logbook contacts. Un-noticed when uploaded to LOTW they become FT4 contacts not FT8 I have been fighting this happening for couple of weeks now if not longer.
See attached please.

This is from JTDX the saved transmission from a FT8 contact that is logged with submode FT4:
2982 ~ WA4MIT N5EYT -01
20210613_000400.058(0)  Transmitting 14.074 MHz  FT8:  N5EYT WA4MIT R-04                    
20210613_000415 -18  1.8 2983 ~ WA4MIT N5EYT RR73         ^
20210613_000430.140(0)  Transmitting 14.074 MHz  FT8:  N5EYT WA4MIT 73                      
20210613_000438.090(0)  QSO logged: N5EYT

screen shot from my logbook of this contact clearly shows the submode FT4 added.

Thanks 73 Morris wA4MIT

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