locked Logging process Log4OM v2 - Wsjt-x and JTAlert after Windows 10 update july 2021


Dear reader(s),


I installed a major Microsoft update today and since then i have a problem with logging. I am still using the JTAlert 2.16.13 version together with Wsjt-x 2.2.2 en Log4OM The logging was done from Wsjtx to JTAlert and Log4OM, all worked flawlessly. After the Windows update i received a JTAlert Error that Log4OM was unable to confirm QSO logged. The QSO was also not logged in Log4OM. So i guess that there is something wrong with the channel between JTAlert and Log4OM (settings).

I made screenshot of JTAlert, Log4OMV2 and Wsjtx settings if you need any. Any idea what happened?


Best regards,

Gerrit PA3DJY


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