locked question [Request regarding the database registration]

Yoshi - JP1LRT

Hello everyone. Thanks to the development team for your help.
This time I would like to make a request regarding the database registration.
As I'm sure many of you already know, the amateur radio station in Okinawa Prefecture, the westernmost prefecture in Japan, is operating with its own callsign followed by, for example, /OKA60 as part of the 60th anniversary of amateur radio in 2021.
In FT8, when using a non-standard callsign, only 13 characters can be sent due to the character limit. For example, if I, JP1LRT, try to call CQ as JP1LRT/OKA60, the message will be [CQ JP1LRT/OKA6]. In fact, there are many stations that operate in this way. In the JT Alert database, OKA/60 is correctly recognized as "Japan", but /OKA6 is recognized as Czechoslovakia.
/OKA60 /DNA60 /IEJ60 /ISG60 /MMY60 /SHI60 /KJP60 /AGJ60 /MMD60 /KTD60 /UEO60 /TRA60 /OGN60 /HTR60, those without the last character "0", could  you please register them as "Japan" in the database only during 2021?

Best Regards

Yoshiharu Tsukuura JP1LRT

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