locked Re: Help Requested installing JTAlert 2.16.17


Evening Laurie,  Late update. I figured it out... when I could not get .net4.7.2 to run I opened up the log file that contained the errors and also opened a command window a opened the directory referenced in the error log. I found the file referenced (said to delete it) ..... I just ran it from the command line and it installed 4.7.2 perfectly so then I ran JTAlert 2.16.17 and it installed as well. Apparently like many of the windows system files you cant run a second occurrence of the file without either deleting the original or running the original, meaning the file in the operating directory.   I chose to run it and it worked... WHO KNEW   Sometimes I think Windows is  as a friend from down under used to say windows was "WAHOS"  (for those of you that are not AUSSIE... it means  :WHAT A HUNK OF SXXT)

In any event it is working now.. 

Thanks for the help 

Jim  K3YBN

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