locked Help Requested installing JTAlert 2.16.17


I am running Windows 7 and obviously the newest JTAlert does not install because I need .net 5 which will not install on windows 7.
So I went back to JTAlert 2.16.17 which gives me a popup saying this version requires .net 4.7.2 and to visit HamApps.com for the required setup file. Unfortunately this file is no where to be found (maybe my eyes are deceiving me I am old)  I have downloaded the .net 4.7.2 in both the version that is stand alone and the web version and attempted to install them and both get part way through and then start trying to reload the file as if there is a problem with the data. What did I do wrong ... or is there actually a problem with the file.  Hopefully someone will have a good .net4.7.2  so that I can operate some of the VHF contest tomorrow.  


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