locked JTAlert/WSJT-X problems #FT8

Chris Levingston

Hi, folks.

I have just upgraded to WSJT-X v2.4.0 and JTAlert 2.50.1 and WSJT-X no longer shows stations highlighted when I have worked them previously, are new DXCC, new band, etc.
The Colour tab is fine, but what I change there does not happen in the main window.

In JTAlert I no longer see the window that shows stations currently operating, plus whether they are calling CQ, 73, etc.
I can't remember what that window is called.
Auto-log to HRD6 also has stopped working and I have spent a lot of time working through the help files trying to fix it!

Copied to the WSJT-X forum, as well.


Chris    VK5SA

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