locked Re: Sound dead after latest Win 10 update today

Peter Laws

It's MS' job to warn about bad updates, not some random guy on a ham list.

That said, W10 doesn't deal well with sound devices and if you have
more than one (I have 4 including the built in and excluding the mics
on the two cameras and the one in the NUC) you will spend all your
time chasing this.

Clicking the mic icon in the task bar will, eventually, get you to a
permissions thing and often what happens is that MS decides you didn't
need to give that device (the one connected to your radio!) any

My W10 instance is fully patched (well, not today, I guess) and
un-re-installed. Just like back in my early UNIX days, with W10 these
days, "90% of problems are permission-related" or so it seems.

On Tue, Jun 8, 2021 at 4:35 PM W4WT <w4wt@comcast.net> wrote:

Well, not just an FYI since I thought it might be nice if you confirmed it to make sure it wasn't just me and then to let people know of the issue so they don't install the update. I'm about to try to back it out now.

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