locked Re: JTAlert, WSJT with N3FJP for Field Day, all working with exception of mode does not change in N3FJP

Dave Garber

When i log via jtalert/wsjt the mode is always entered correctly.   Drop down should be able change mode if manually logging.  

On Sun., Jun. 6, 2021, 3:07 p.m. KT7AZ, <kt7az.v69@...> wrote:
Just got all working with JTAlert, WSJT and N3FJP for Field day.  All appears to be functioning except that N3FJP always shows CW Mode (or wherever you set it manually).  Wondering if I am missing something or setting N3FJP mode manually is the only way to change Mode going to log.  

I have the setup where WSJT is connected for radio control and JTAlert does the pass along for logging to N3FJP.

Not a big deal but you know how it gets during a contest.


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