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On 6/06/2021 2:44 am, James Wolf wrote:
JTAlert is complaining that WSJT is not running.  I just upgraded to the latest version of JTAlert.  When the installation is done, it complains that the .NET version needed isn't installed.  I did install it when it complained at the initial installation.  It repairs it when I try to install it again.   I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it 
I have looked through the messages about this and have confirmed that neither JTAlert or WSJTx is running in the  Admin mode. 
In WSJT, in the Network section, the UDP and port number have not changed.
The Does JTAlert look for the UDP packets to know if WSJT is running?  

Jim - KR9U

Before JTAlert can look for WSJT-X UDP packets, it needs to know on what port they are being sent and whether unicast or multicast UDP is being used. JTAlert determines the necessary WSJT-X settings by looking for running wsjtx.exe processes running on your PC and then examining their config file.

Is JTAlert indicating it is waiting for wsjtx instance #2 to start? If so that indicates that JTAlert is already running and your trying to start a second instance of JTAlert. If this is not your intention, simply restart your PC to cleanup any old zombie processes and file locks.

If you're not getting an instance #2 waiting message., the likely causes for JTAlert to not find any wsjtx.exe processes running are...
  1. WSJT-X is being run with elevated (Run as administrator) privileges. Check BOTH the wsjtx.exe file AND the shortcut used to start WSJT-X doesn't have the "Run as administrator" setting enabled. If your using another application to start WSJT-X, it too needs to be checked to ensure it is not running elevated  as that will automatically cause any applications it starts to be elevated.

  2. Your PC Protection software is actively interfering, preventing JTAlert from determining what wsjtx processes are running on your PC.

  3. The WSJT-X executable file has been renamed. It needs to stay unchanged as "wsjtx.exe"

de Laurie VK3AMA

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