locked Loss of function after about 15 minutes

Don Kerouac K9NR

I have been using JT Alert to good effect for a couple of years now.

I love it!  It has bee responsible for many new band/countries for me.


I did the update to 2.50.1 and love it except that it stops functioning

after about 15 minutes.  I restart it and it works great again…for about

15 minutes.


I rechecked the UDP settings in both programs.


I rebooted the computer…didn’t fix it.


I reinstalled JT Alert and the problem continued regardless.


All the time WSJT-X continues to function without a hitch…with

or without JT Alert.


I appreciate any and all help/suggestions.


HP Desktop

Windows 7 Pro  32bit

WSJT-X 2.3.1

JT Alert 2.50.1


73, Don K9NR

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