locked JT Alert Problem

John K9EL

I am sure this is an operator error problem, but I cannot figure it out.


I was using version V2.50.00 and all was working just fine.   I bought a new computer for ham use so installed the same version on the new PC.   I ran both PC’s side by side and went through each setting to make sure it was identical to the old setup.


I then enabling logging and entered the location of my master log file.    I then closed JT Alert and re-started.   It read in the complete log file.   I then went to Rebuild Alert Database and it went through the log completely.   Unfortunately it does not appear to reading the files correctly as none of my already worked zones or countries for the marathon show up.  Only one country and one zone are shown as worked.   I can go back to the old computer and rebuild the database using the exact same file and it works fine.


I tried un-installing JT Alert, even going through the Windows registry and deleting any and all references to HamApps and JT Alert, but when I re-install and go through the settings, I still show only the same one zone and one country already worked for the DX Marathon.   I compared the settings between the two computers and the boxes all checked are identical.


If anyone has a clue on what I am doing wrong, I would sure appreciate hearing from you.  I really miss having JT Alert, but is useless as it is.


73, John K9EL


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