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On 29/05/2021 3:23 am, David Marcelli via groups.io wrote:

I get the error messages in JTA on the attached JPEG (sorry for hard to read file).  I have tried multiple times to download with no success. I have seen similar, but not identical problems in the message center.

I also get  the following error message from WSJT, not sure if it related to the JTA issue. (I am working on it)

Unable to communicate with the WSJT-X process.
  UDP Port : 2233
  IP Address :
  Values read from WSJT-X config file...
    C:\Users\Dave N4CQ\AppData\Local\WSJT-X\WSJT-X.ini

WSJT-X Detected Instance...
  Process Window Title : WSJT-X   v2.2.1   by K1JT, G4WJS, and K9AN
  Process Command Line : "C:\WSJT\wsjtx\bin\wsjtx.exe" 

Decode alerts and logging will be unavailable until corrected.

This system has worked successfully for along time until this attempt to upgrade the software.  I would appreciate any fix.


The error downloading message indicates that the expected versions file was not found. Use the "Check for updates" button to re-download the versions file.

Your UDP error is likely a misconfiguration. I note your message indicated port 2233, that is an unusual number suggesting you're likely trying to use UDP rebroadcasting/repeating. I suggest you change that port back to the default 2237 and turn off the Secondary UDP server if it is enabled. See the Reporting tab of the WSJT-X settings.

The error message also indicates you're using a very old WSJT-X version, 2.2.1, you should consider upgrading WSJT-X. If you're updating JTAlert, you should be updating WSJT-X as well, otherwise, eventually you will get a non-working setup due to version incompatibility.

The JTAlert Help file has a dedicated topic on setting up WSJT-X UDP correctly. BUT it is not 100% correct because of your very old WSJT-X.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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