Locked Re: [Ham-Apps] Text message - is anybody out there?

Jim - N4ST

One possibility of why you have not received a text message, is maybe you
didn't see it.
Because it doesn't contain your callsign and is not explicitly addressed to
you, it is not color coded.
You have to sort through the messages list to find something sent on your
QSO frequency.
(One thing I like about JT9-1, is that messages on your QSO frequency are in
a separate window).

73 & have fun,
Jim - N4ST

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Subject: [Ham-Apps] Text message - is anybody out there?

Since discovering text messages in JTAlert-X, I've sent one with each of my
last 137 JT65 qsos, but I have yet to ever receive one.

Is there something I need to activate in order to receive tex messages?

I know this is new and not overly documented, but I thought I'd at least
receive one text message.

Does an op have to be using a specific version of JT-Alert or of JT65

This is such a super-slick feature I wish more folks would use it. Actually,
the whole JT-Alert system is super-slick and I wouldn't think of running
WSJT-X without it.

Thanks! Great job!

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