locked Auto Close intermittent

Ed Fuller

This may just be a quirk of my system: Win7 home Premium, DXLab, WSJTX 2.4.0, JTAlert 2.50.1, Net 5.0.6.  Have Auto-start set to wsjtx. works fine, except when I close jtalert it closes  the wide graph, but sometimes the main wsjtx window remains open and decoding. 


First noticed this after upgrading to wsjtx 2.4.0, but rolling back to 2.3.0 makes no difference.  Using "taskkill /im wsjtx.exe" in command prompt shows similar results:


C:\Users\PSDR>taskkill /im wsjtx.exe

SUCCESS: Sent termination signal to the process "wsjtx.exe" with PID 5532.


After this is returned the process wsjtx.exe still shows in task manager processes even after a refresh and wsjtx still shows in the application pane.


taskkill with /t /f /im wsjtx.exe always works.


Not a big deal, just curious.


Ed Fuller WA5RHG

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