locked Re: JTAlert Grids not matching LOTW VUCC

Dave AA6YQ

Your attachment(s) do not show what DXKeeper has marked as "Confirmed" - only what LotW has received. I suggest you use the DXKeeper "RAT" -> Select the VUCC tab -> Set Band = 6M
-> Check "Confined" *ONLY* and see what DxKeeper says.

If what you originally logged does not match what the other station uploaded to LotW and you do not allow DXKeeper to update the grid to match LotW, DXKeeper will not record "Z"
in the LotW CFM box and will not consider *the grid in LotW* "confirmed".

+ The letter "G" in the "LoTW CFM" textbox indicates that LoTW considers the QSO's gridsquare confirmed for VUCC; the letter "Z" means that LoTW considers the QSO's Zone confirmed for WAZ.


Dave, AA6YQ

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