locked Re: JTAlert Grids not matching LOTW VUCC

Michael Black

That won't make any difference.

If the QSO you log has a different grid than what shows on LOTW (Note: LOTW does NOT use the grid you log) than your count may not match.

A manual comparison is about your only option that I know of.

Some mobile operators don't upload their grids correctly.

Mike W9MDB

On Wednesday, May 26, 2021, 11:49:24 PM CDT, Dan R <kg0aq1@...> wrote:

I forgot to mention that I am using the DXLabs Suite with database uploads and downloads to and from LOTW using DXKeeper. The .mdb file importing to JTAlert has 460 6 meter Grids worked. 401 are showing in JTAlert. I have not done a manual comparison.

Should I possibly select the "Enable Standard ADIF File Logging" tab in JTAlert? Would that be used for importing instead of the DXKeeper .mdb file?

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