locked V2.50.1 Logging Start time is the End time of last QSO

Ed Stallman

Doing a search for (logging start time End Time) I get 2014 2015 results . I'm using WSJT-X , Jtalerts V2.50.1 and AClog ... When I click on a call I'd like to work in JTalerts and after sending RR73 the logging window pops up but the start time is the End time of last QSO logged ! This can very from 1 minute to Hours . I've found what I have to do to set the Start time is double click the call in WSJT-X . I know I've missed a setting somewhere ?  The 2 J-pegs below, The left is clicking JTAlerts and right is clicking WSJT . Please not the Start time ..Thanks Ed N5DG

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