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On 25/05/2021 10:59 am, jeff29754 M1BCM wrote:
Hi Laurie, what I call the "alerts window" is wthe window that shows all the calls which I can click on etc. I upgraded from 2.5.0. which was working fine up until the the.net and 2.5.1. installations.

Thanks for replying.

de Jeff M1BCM

There was no requirement for a .NET install with 2.50.1, the .NET install required for the 2.50.0 install is all that was needed. What prompted you to install a new NET 5 runtime?

Are you able to open the JTAlert Help->About window?

Are you able to open any of the new 2.50.x windows? See the "Yellow star" entries under the View menu of the main JTAlert window.

If none of these windows will open, that suggests a problem with the JTAlertV2.Manager process, likely it is not running or is continually stopping and starting. What does TaskManager show for this process?

The Manager process is dependent on the .NET 5 runtime. When you installed/upgraded the runtime for your 2.50.1 install did your install the correct architecture version matching that of JTAlert? The runtime needs to match JTAlert, either x86 or x64. If you're using Windows 64 bit, I suggests using the x64 version of the runtime and JTAlert. While the 32 bit (x86) runtime and JTAlert will work under 64bit Windows, IMO, it is best to keep it x64 across the board, Windows, NET runtime and JTAlert all being x64.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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