locked Re: UDP Error


I only have two applications using the UDP port - WSJT-X and JTAlert.  I also tried the multicast set up and it didn't work. 

So I went back to find previous versions to see if I could get something to work.  Here is what I found...
WSJT-X Version     JTAlert version    Result
2.1.2                            2.12.9               OK
2.3.1                            2.15.0               OK
2.3.1                            2.16.17            UDP Error
2.3.1                            2.16.1              AutoIT Crash
2.3.1                            2.16.3              OK
2.3.1                            2.16.6              OK but crashes after settings change
2.3.1                            2.16.11             UDP Error

There was a Windows 10 update just before this appeared.  I tried backing out the update out but one of the updates did not give me the option to undo it.  I did not have a system restore that I could use because of subsequent Windows 10  updates.I suspect that this problem is an unintended consequence of a Windows 10 update.  Entropy is winning!


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