locked Re: UDP Error

Laurie, VK3AMA

On 23/05/2021 5:12 am, KE7AZ wrote:
Error message.....
Unable to communicate with the WSJT-X process.
  UDP Port : 2237
  IP Address :
  Values read from WSJT-X config file...
    C:\Users\kz6os\AppData\Local\WSJT-X - FlexA\WSJT-X - FlexA.ini

WSJT-X Detected Instance...
  Process Window Title : WSJT-X - FlexA   v2.3.1   by K1JT, G4WJS, and K9AN
  Process Command Line :

Decode alerts and logging will be unavailable until corrected.

Logan, KE7AZ
This type of error is typically caused when using a unicast setup in WSJT-X ( and other applications interacting with WSJT-X taking exclusive control of port 2237.

Setup WSJT-X to use Multicast UDP, this will allow multiple applications to operate concurrently working with WSJT-X, provided they have been set to use multicast UDP. JTAlert setup for multicast is automatic except for enabling a single menu entry. Other applications require some work to use multicast, refer to the appropriate support documents for those applications.

See the JTAlert Help file, "WSJT-X UDP Setup" topic on how to setup WSJT-X correctly to use multicast UDP.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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