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On 22/05/2021 6:01 pm, Paul F6EXV wrote:
I am struggling very hard again on how to configure for 2 callsigns.
It was working fine with my previous version, now all messed up...
Let me explain :
I have 2 callsigns, which I want to be able to swich to easily.
I am using Log4OM as a logging program. I have the 2 profiles set there, and I can switch from one call to the other fine.
For one callsign, all works fine with JTDX and JTAlert.
For the other callsign, JTDX does decode OK, but the link betwenn JTAlert and JTDX no longer works.

Should the second callsign JTAlert config be identical to the first, or, if it must be different, what must change ?

The other option is to use JTAlert with 2 callsigns, but I just cannot figure out how to set it up...
Thanks + 73
Paul F6EXV


It is not clear to me how you're trying to use two different Callsigns.

If you want to use JTAlert with an alternate callsign (or any number of alternate callsigns), you simply need to create an additional JTAlert shortcut that specifies the alternate Callsign. Many users use this technique when they need to switch between an OM and an XYL callsign as an example.

Under the "Station Callsign" section of the JTAlert Settings, you can have JTAlert create the additional desktop shortcuts.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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