locked Re: Convert free-floating "Callsigns No1" window to being part of single window ... as before

Peter Laws

You will eventually have a one window when the old JTAlert main window code is fully migrated to the new .NET 5 code base and the old window is removed. But that change is not imminent, there is still a considerable amount of work to undertake to complete the code migration.
"Transitional" is all I needed to hear - I will be patient. :-)

As I noted, the new callsigns window seems better and more functional
and this has been borne out by fiddling around on 50 MHz today ... but
it's superfluous because there is already a window. Seriously, I'll
try to be patient!

I did note that JTAlert will now look for updates by itself, which is
a BIG help - thanks for that.

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