locked Re: Alert sound not working

Paul F6EXV

Hi again
I found it.... I forgot to put a sound file in each individual alertt needed (states, countries, etc)
Now all OK, so sorry for bandwidth !
Paul F6EXV

Le 20/05/2021 à 18:59, Paul F6EXV a écrit :
Hi all
I have a sound in the "own call" box, and the test does work.
I have "sound on" in the main window, and the test does work.
I have seletected the proper sound card, and the test does work.
BUT, when it should buzz on a new (country for example) thing, I do read the red color, I do see a vertical little bar in the decode line, but no sound played....
Where am I forgetting another setting please ?

Thanks + 73
Paul F6EXV
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