locked Re: JTAlert talking to WSJT and JTDX

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On 20/05/2021 2:19 am, Dave Garber wrote:
Aclog uses the api on port 1100.   And jtalert should be set to that port and correct log file..   I did try it using the multicast.    Cant remember if it worked
FYI, JTAlert does use the port 1100 API for interaction with ACLog.

The original poster was having issues where the UDP server in WSJT-X was setup for unicast and ACLog was taking ownership of the UDP port preventing JTAlert from interacting with WSJT-X.

In the situation where 2 or more applications need to interact with WSJT-X concurrently, WSJT-X needs to be set to use multicast UDP and all applications wanting to work with WSJT-X will similarly need to changed over to using multicast. For JTAlert, that changeover is simple, a simple tick of a menu entry, all other settings like the correct multicast address and port are automatically determined by JTAlert. I don't know how or if ACLog can use multicast in their newly released ACLog 7.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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