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On 18/05/2021 1:05 am, n3ps via groups.io wrote:
Within Logging settings, I am trying to understand the difference between two config items "Log Full QTH Returned From XML Lookups" and  "Log Address Returned From An XML Or Previous QSO Lookup".  It would seem they both control the same function.  Help me get my head around this . . .

Paul / N3PS

The QTH and Address are two different items in most logging programs, including the ADIF standard. The Address is typically the address to which QSLs are sent. Some users want that additional data recorded with each QSO, but many don't (myself included) so it is an option. The QTH logged can be either the full QTH returned from an XML data feed or a shortened version where JTAlert attempt to extract a Town/City name from the xml data which can often not contain a dedicated QTH field so the address field is used to try and get the QTH.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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