locked Re: How Does JT Alert Update HRD Logbook?


On 17/05/2021 15:56, n3ps via groups.io wrote:
Via what "mechanism" does JT Alert update QSOs into HRD Logbook.  Is it using a UDP, updating the DB directly or how?

To be clear, I'm not asking for configuration instructions, I'm just trying to under the mechanics of how it updates . . .
Paul / N3PS
Hi Paul,

I believe mechanism for the current version of HRD is that JTAlert uses the HRD TCP/IP server API to enter QSOs. That means that the internal logic of HRD to derive fields is used. I also believe worked before queries are made by direct read-only access to the HRD logbook database tables, this probably because HRD logbook doesn't provide any mechanism to look up arbitrary QSO details.

Before the HRD logbook TCP/IP API worked properly (pre v6) I believe the only way for JTAlert to enter new QSOs was to directly insert records into he HRD logbook database tables.


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