locked Closing JTAlert On Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit

Ronald Ford

First thank you for the update.  I have been using the new version for some time and the new call display is great.  I do have an issue I'm not sure how to resolve.  When I close JT Alert the program closes like it has in the past...however the Icon shows it is still open in the Task Bar.  I can right click on the icon and close select close and it closes.  It seems like there is a second something opening when I start JT Alert and when I close it it does not close. In previous versions of the software I have not had this issue occur.  

If this has been discussed in the past please forgive my post.  I checked previous posting and saw some post that may have the same issue as me but I was not sure.  I have checked all of the setting on the gear icon and have tried several settings but nothing I tried resolved my issue of the icon not closing on exit.

73, Ronald - W4RJF  

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