locked Logging

Knud-Erik Kaadner

I have got a problem with loggin. Please see the attached pictures.
Picture no. 1 shows a QSO with DF6JF, and picture no. 2  the logging window from WSTJ for that QSO.
So far so good.
When I click the OK button this window closes, and a new one pops up briefly, telling that JTAlert logged the QSO to HRD V5/V6 with succes.
Picture no. 3 is showing the HRD log with 3 entries for that QSO. One with the Time on at 16:20:30, and two with the Time on at 16:20:00, which is the time I started calliing CQ
The next QSO with DL8YBL is the same, and the QSO with DL1MFT I added manualy.
I am using JTAlert v. 2.50.1, WSJT-X v. 2.3.0 and HRD v. 6.7.0357

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