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On 15/05/2021 7:43 am, Steve wrote:
I am not sure where the call info comes from that say CQ with JTAlert 2.50.0.  I am using JTDX v2.2.0-rc152 with JTAlert.

I keep getting CQ with call signs that don't show in JTDX.  I can't click on them in JTAlert to make a contact.  Where is the CQ contact info coming from that is used in JTAlert?


Steve NA6G

All CQ alerting is based on the real-time decodes coming from WSJT-X/JTDX.
If a decode starts with a "CQ " then it is deemed a CQ decode and alerted accordingly.

What does "I keep getting CQ with call signs" mean? Does it mean that the callsigns are colored with the CQ colors with no sound or does it mean that the "CQ" audio file is played with no coloring or both?

JTAlert will only Alert on the actual decodes it receives.

Sounds to me like JTDX is hiding some of its decodes if JTAlert is getting decodes that are not visible in JTDX.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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