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Hi Jim - thanks much for your thoughts on shutdown options.  I understand your thinking / approach and how it would work not using the bat file.  Some thoughts on operating implications:

1 - If I am going to run digital, everything (launching / terminating) is then controlled by launching / stopping JTAlert
2 - If I am going to mostly run a different mode, I can launch / terminate DXLab apps via the Launcher (as designed) without WSJT-X / JTAlert running.  Issue would be then starting JTAlert and having the DXLab apps launched again - likely easier to terminate with Launcher and restart via JTAlert.
3 - For mixed mode, option 1 still works fine.

So maybe it's best to always run option 1  given the issue noted under 2. I wonder if there are implications for operating/logging with JTAlert starting before the DXLab apps?  

Could work Jim.  Appreciate you noodling on this for me.  I will swing back to you and let you know what I experience.

73, Craig

On Fri, May 14, 2021 at 2:26 PM Jim N6VH <N6VH@...> wrote:

On 5/13/2021 5:58 PM, Craig wrote:
Hello Jim - thanks so much for taking the time to put together the coding and the description of the process.  All works just great making the entire startup process a single click!  

Question, as Launcher takes care of starting and terminating the DXLab applications and other applications that start direct (before or after the DXLab apps), is there a way to have Launcher terminate the apps started using the above process that you put together for me?  Not a big item but would take care of everything at shutdown.  Thanks again Jim.

73, Craig


I'm glad my solution worked fro you.

I don't see any easy way of shutting down JTAlert form DXLab Launcher. It has been many years since I worked with batch files, so I am pretty rusty with them. Here's a thought about a different approach. Would it work for you to have JTAlert autostart DXLab, and NOT use the batch file?  In JTAlert settings, under Auto-Start, set DXLab Launcher to Start after JTAlert, and then Close when JTAlert is closed.

In DXLab Launcher configuration, select the DXLab Apps you want to start, and at the top, check Auto Start. Also, check Terminate On Shutdown. See if that works for you.

Ignore any of the ACLog autostart you see in my JTAlert example. It is just there for testing (as is DXLab Launcher).


Jim N6VH

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