locked Re: Resend - All Worked B4 call sign displays are Displaying Needed, but Have Been Worked. #FT8

Brian Kassel K7RE


  You asked what the source of my ADIF File is.  It was created as a new file by me from your program when I began using your program years ago.  I have since upgraded the program many times, keeping the same file.

I changed the DXCC Alert to another color from the default yellow
as you suggested.

When I select "Individual Bands" under "Wanted DXCC", NO band selection shows ANY DXCC worked on ANY band, That is the "Wanted" window displays 340.  Also this same information is reflected
When the "Rebuild All" button is clicked in the  "Rebuild Alert Database" selection the information displayed indicates the same 340 DXCC need to be worked on all bands.  The "States Needed" display seems to be correct.

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