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Jim N6VH

On 5/7/2021 1:21 PM, HamApps Support (VK3AMA) wrote:

Regarding the 777,000 master file, I assume you're referring to the official FCC database. Is that the case? My experience with that database is that County names recorded is not entirely accurate. During my County Alert implementation testing I discovered many FCC listed County names that don't exist with the official USA-CA list. What has been you're experience?

de Laurie VK3AMA



Thought I would add my two cents worth. There are definitely some differences between the FCC list and the USA-CA list. A very good example is Alaska. The FCC list uses the county name (actually 22 boroughs in Alaska), while USA-CA only uses the four Judicial Districts.  Another problem is spelling. The FCC list might have one spelling for a county, while the USA-CA list might have a slightly different spelling - Saint Tammany in the FCC list, St. Tammany in the USA-CA list, for example. None of these problems are insurmountable, but I wonder if the processing would have an impact on the speed of JTAlert.

Another related issue is that various loggers don't necessarily have the same listing for the counties.


Jim N6VH

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