locked Re: Resend - All Worked B4 call sign displays are Displaying Needed, but Have Been Worked. #FT8

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On 8/05/2021 12:48 am, Brian Kassel K7RE wrote:
The call sign "worked B4" works as it should,
But no matter what I have tried, the States, VE and DXCC stations are always in Yellow
in both the calls in the Band Activity Window and the other window that displays calls and info.

(Yellow is the default color for NOT worked B4, and also my choice)

I tried the "Rebuild Database" many times.
Scrolling up on the list after the scan does show the correct totals os stations that have been worked on each band.

I am using the Standard ADIF File and JTAlert 2.50.1, with WSJTX 2.3.1.

        Manage Settings
                    Wanted US State
                        Enable Wanted US State Alert (Checked)
                        Default Wave File Path
                        Sample Set to Yellow
                    Standard ADIF File
                        Enable Standard ADIF File Logging (Checked)
                        C:\Users\Brian\AppData\Local\WSJT-X\wsjtx_log.adi (In red, uneditable)
                        Log File
                        C;\Users\Brian\Desktop\FT8 Log Spearfish.adi
                Log B4 Database File
                C:\Users\Brian\AppData\Local\HamApps\K7RE\logs\JTAlertX\B4logV2.MDB (Greyed, uneditable)

Could it be that the MDB database is corrupted?
If so, how do I fix that issue.

Thanks for reading this, and thanks for the wonderful program.


A couple of points, Rebuilding the Alert database will not influence the B4 reporting, it is used for Alerting only.
The greyed editable B4 Database entry is correct. It is not used by JTAlert if you have a logger enabled. A message to the effect is shown just above he B4 database path.

How do you know that the Yellowed callsigns is indicating worked B4? Your settings show the USState Alert set to use Yellow (the default). The default coloring for DXCCs is also Yellow. I suggest as a diagnostic step, change the B4 coloring to something unique, hot pink perhaps, so it stands out. Does the Callsign coloring change to that unique color, indicating worked B4, or do you still get Yellow, which indicates a State or DXCC alert?

My guess is that your getting USState Alerts for all the US decodes because the States are still set as needed. This would likely be due to having the US State Rebuild set to consider say Lotw confirmed status, while your ADIF log file does not contain entries with the LoTW receipt set. WHat is the source of your ADIF file/

de Laurie VK3AMA

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