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Thanks for your advice! I worked finally.

What was confusing was "QTH Nickname".

"QTH Nickname" requires you to set the one that is defined in your eQSL
profile. But I misunderstood that "QTH Nickname" meant QTH and Nickname,
and I did not set the one as defined by "QTH Nickname" in eQSL.

What made this mistake was that I first looked at the same function of
JTDX in Japanese translation version. The translation says "QTH and
Nickname" in Japanese. So I believed it would mean that it is for "QTH
and Nickname", not the one as defined in eQSL as "QTH Nickname".

Anyway, my problem is solved and thank you very much for your advice.
I think the Japanese translation of JTDX for this portion needs to be
improves so as not to confuse people.



I have been trying to set up JTAlert to automatically upload QSO
data to eQSL. I added my eQSL account name and the password on
JTAlert setting and checked "enable" box @ Settings/Manage Setting/Web
Service/Online Logbooks. But my QSO data do not seem to be appearing
in the OutBox of the eQSL site. Is there anything else that I need to
set other than what are described above? Your advice will be greatly
appreciated. 73 JE6WOQ Max

You need to fill in all 3 pieces of data, Callsign, Password and Nickname.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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