locked Re: JTAlert problem with Scan and Rebuild database

Joe Subich, W4TV

Is the Log path correct?

Does your antivirus/firewall allow both JTAlert and DXKeeper
full access?


... Joe, W4TV

On 2021-05-04 8:16 AM, Dennis wrote:
I have a problem with Scan and Rebuild database for JTAlert from DXKeeper.
When I attempt to perform this function the program just continues to read
records without ever stopping. There is no advance of the records counted
bar. The only way to regain recover is the shut the App down. My DXKeeper
is not setup to run as administrator. JTAlert is version 2.16.4
I also have a problem when logging a QSO. DXKeeper does log the QSO from
WSJT-x however JTAlert does not pick up the record it simply says QSO not
Any suggestions to getting this to work?
Dennis VA3WB

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