locked Greetings from Japan; Japanese language sound file revision request


Hello, I've been a JTalert user since 2015, and want to say thank you for all development efforts.

Just upgraded my installation from 2.1.xx to 2.50, and found Japanese version sound files.
Tried it and found that announce grade is professional, but the translations for some alerts are completely wrong.

I strongly recommend fixing the translation of, at least, the followings:
CQ: -> (now) Q wo miru (meaning "see Q")  (should be) CQ, or shii kyuu
New State -> (now) atarashii joutai (meaning "new status")  (should be)  atarashii shuu
New VE Prrovince -> (now) atarashii shuu (new state)  (maybe changed to ) atarashii kanada (canada) no shuu
Wanted DXCC -> (now) DX  (maybe) DXCC
Wanted Callsign -> (now) Shimei tehai ("wanted" as in seeking criminals)  (should be)  hoshii kohru(call), or hitsuyou na kooru(call)

please consider revising the Japanese sound file at the next possible opportunity.


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