locked F5 Text message operation

WB5JJJ - George

I've been caught by this a couple of times.  

I start typing a response to an F5 message while calling CQ.  When a NEW station calls me back, their call replaces the call in the DX Call (WSJTx) and also in the F5 message window.  So, when I click send, it goes to the NEW call and not the one I was actually responding to.  So far they have gone to non-users, but I have to retype the message and make sure it goes to the right person.  

Two things as suggestions.  1)  Be able to copy and paste in the F5 window and 2) keep the original call as the recipient until after send is clicked.  

In the mean time, I just have to NOT be calling CQ or hopefully nobody will just call me out of the blue, from their history and make double sure I'm sending to the right person before I hit send.  

Still adjust to the new Callsign window, but getting there.  
George - WB5JJJ
Hamshack Holine #4969

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