locked CHat support without WSJTx


HI All

Of JTalert I also gladly use his CHAT that with F5 makes me reach the correspondent to pass him some info.

But I can use the JTalert CHAT only if I have activated WSJTx first, then I start JTalert and finally close the WSJTx for to run use another FT8 app which is not wsjtx

Would it be possible to start the JTalert (CHAT) without WSJTx or do I always have to first start WSJTx, then JTalert and then close Wsjtx for to open the other FT soft ??
I don't always use WSJTx and I often use another one for FT8/4 which unfortunately does not want to make udp compatible with the excellent JTalert. :-(

Thanks for info

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