locked JT Alert will not run - V 2.50.0 & 2.16.17

W Ramsey <km4jok@...>

I’m on latest updated version of Windows 10 64x Home (20H2).  PC has 32GB memory, Intel i9-10850K CPU and 2TB SSD.  WSJT-X 2.3.1 functions properly.   HamAppSound 2.5.3 and HamAppsDatabases 2021.04.20 were successfully installed.


I’ve tried both JT Alert versions 2.50.0 and 2.16.17.  Both install successfully with no errors.   However each fail to run after the “Reading Settings Data – Standby” pop-up message appears then disappears.  Version 2.16.17 usually shows a Line 41603 error.  Net 5 is installed for version 2.50.0 and is correct version based on confirmation in the CMD window. 


I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled both WSJT-X and JT-Alert versions 2.50.0 and 2.16.17 five (5) times.  I restarted computer after each uninstall and reinstall and the same issue is present – JT-Alert fails to run.


I tried deleting the config.sqlite file and JT Alert still fails to launch.  The only JT Alert process that loads temporarily during program start is the “Audio & Visual Alerts for WSJT-X. (32 bit)” process.  This process starts and then terminates within one second.  


I use N3FJP’s Amateur Contact Log so having JT-Alert functioning really speeds up QSO logging – when JT-Alert is functioning.


Not sure what the issue is but I have successfully used prior versions of WSJT-X and JT-Alert for years without issues.


Ideas appreciated.


Thanks –





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