locked Re: Callsigns window appeared too small to be usable and readjusted

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 27/04/2021 5:08 am, Gary Yarbrough via groups.io wrote:

I also had the same experience two days, but I used the F3 key to resize and it has not repeated.



If this occurs again, if your able, I would appreciate getting a copy of the Callsigns window config files before you resize the window. I need to see what sizes are recorded in the files when this occurs.

The files are "Callsigns_1.config" and "Callsigns_1.config.json" and are located at %localappdata%\HamApps\JTAlert\

The files are small, ~3KB.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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