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Laurie, VK3AMA

On 26/04/2021 12:57 am, deni wrote:
I have jtalert 2.5.0 working very smoothly with wsjtx and I love it. Especially, the one click to transmit from the callsign panel. Unfortunately this is not the case with JTDX.  All of the icons seem to appear correctly but clicking on any of them provides no response from jtdx.  I might also add that hovering over a callsign window does provide the correct information.  Am I missing some change I need to make when chaining back and forth from wsjtx amd jtdx?
Thanks to all.
73 - deni
If JTDX is not responding to clicks in JTAlert it will be due to settings within jtdx.

The "Accept UDP requests" setting, jtdx Settings window reporting Tab, needs to be ticked.
Also check the the "Misc -> Accept UDP Reply Messages" menu of the main jtdx window and ensure it is set to the type of decodes you want to have respond to the click event.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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