locked FT4 Logging

Ed Wilson

I have been using JTAlert and the old HRD v 5.24 for many years. When FT4 was introduced, I was able to get contacts with this mode show up as FT4 in my log although I realize that by definition, FT4 is actually a sub mode of MFSK. After upgrading to JTAlert 2.50.0, FT4 contacts now are logged as MFSK. It appears that contacts are uploaded and are displayed as FT4 by LOTW and HRDLog. eQSL displays them as MFSK (FT8). Currently I am manually changing MFSK to FT4 in my log but would like them to automatically appear as FT4 as previously if possible.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Ed, K0KC


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